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Decoration Guide

Decoration Guide

Need help with balloon decorations?  Want to know where to start? The following list of Areas To Decorate will help ensure the important areas of your venue are appropriately decorated, and help to carry out the theme or motif.

As a general rule of thumb, plan on spending 10-20% of your total budget on décor, including balloon and floral décor.  Balloons say “celebrate,” they set the mood and make memories that will last a very long time.

Areas To Decorate

Driveway or Parking Lot – Use balloons as “cookie crumbs” – leading guests to the final destination.

Entrances – Transitional décor, a taste of what’s to come (in theme) or for a Grand Entrance use a Walk-thru Heart or Walk-thru Star.

Foyer – Add color and festivity while people wait and mingle.

Guest Book/Reception Table – Add Color to where you want people to make their first stop.

Cocktail Area, Bars – Signifying the “GO TO” area to quench their thirst.

Stage – Add color with arches & columns, a logo backdrop, highlight a name or provide an element of surprise with an exploding balloon wall.

Head Table/Sweetheart Table – use a themed Backdrop, canopy, or name as a focal point.

Guest Tables – Use themed or festive Centerpieces to form the ambiance.

Cake Table/Dessert Table – Create a Focal Point such as a canopy over the cake table, or use gumball balloons or a milestone column to add color and significance to the celebration.

Buffet Table – Make a large Buffet Arrangement or use a fun balloon bouquet to draw attention.

Punch/Soda/Coffee Table – Use balloons to add color and to identify this important area.

Gift Table – Create attention with clusters of balloons or add a bride & groom balloon sculpture or a thematic centerpiece.

Dance Floor – Add drama to this focal point with a Lighted Canopy or simply Float Balloons above or create an element of surprise with an exploding ceiling balloon filled with confetti and smaller balloons.

DJ Table – Add color to highlight the emcee or DJ.

Photo Backdrop – Create a Backdrop or use props for your guests to enjoy and remember when they see the pictures they took at your event.

Perimeter – Add floor bouquets or majestic columns to tie up empty area in the room.

Special Moment – Build excitement as your guests anticipate the shower of balloons with a Balloon Drop.

Special Reveal – It is the climax as you reveal a hidden product, person or the dollars raised at a fundraiser or it’s a spectacular ending, the finale of the event with a Balloon Release.

Guest Bathrooms – Add color to an unexpected area.

Get-away Car – Loose balloons placed in the car and released as the guest of honor leave the reception.

Honeymoon Room – Surprise the newlyweds with a room full of loose balloons, floating and air-filled, to celebrate them and reward them as they end their long, special day.

Need More Help?

Depending on the event, the list could certainly continue. You don’t have to go it alone, we are here to help you. We can provide you with a custom proposal outlining the areas we feel would be most appropriate to decorate. Once you see how the decorations flow seamlessly, the same way your guest will experience them, your choices will be much easier.  Put our 20+ years of experience to work – call us today at (949) 636-4433!